Big Brim

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Crystal Rhinestone Strand $19.99

Rhinestone Initials start at $19.99
Custom Rhinestone Placement Available
Ask for a quote

Rhinestone colors include: Crystal, Pink, Yellow, Turqouise
Red, Gold, Green, Blue, Deep Red

Studs $19.99 any design

Silver Diamond, Silver Round, Gold Round, Matte Gold Round, Big Gold Round, Gold Flat, Gold Bullseye, Metal Flat, Gold Star, Gold Teardrop, Gold Eye, Gold Triangle

Buttons $9.99

Clam Shell, Medallion, Onyx,
Gold Rose, Flower Wheel, Silver Cream,
Brilliant Silver, Silver Wheel, Hammered Brass


Looking for a certain patch? E-mail us -
The patch will be placed at the designers discretion unless specified in the order. To see other patches click here


Buy it separately for $5.99 or choose it as an
embellishment on a hat for $4.99.
Pin a beautiful flower on almost anything, including our hats.
Choose from: Yellow, Pink, Red, White Retro Daisy (4" Wide)
Pink or Peach Rose, Black Rose
Burgundy, Pink, Lt. Blue or Dk. Blue Sunflower
Red, Burnt Orange, Burgundy, Dark Pink, Pink, Blue, Dahlia

(sizes 1.5" to 2.5")

Straw Cowboy with Pink Dahlia

Feathers $19.99

Most Feather Colors Available to
compliment your hat


Stash it Pouch $19.99

Most hats can come with a Stash it Pouch,
a removable pocket that fits neatly
inside your hat to hide all your valuables.
It velcros to the top of your hat,
has a velcro closure and comes in
a fabric to compliment your hat or black leather.
The pouch is large enough for your ID, money, gum, et.